Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Meep Jammers!

The giveaway results are posted below ^.^

Thank you all SO MUCH for your lovely, touching comments and emails.
Made me cry :')

I *cough* am not very good at this sort of bye-bye post.
Wait, it doesn't have to be "bye-bye". Bye-bye Animal Jam, yes. But not necessarily bye-bye to all of you.
I'm on on My Shot, as Kinyonga.
On Howrse, as Treacle.
On email (
On my other blogs.

Ahh...yeah. Thank you all, again.
It's been a really fantastic three years, being on Animal Jam.
And on this blog. I've had so many followes, viewers and commenters.
And we just reached 150,000!
I really don't know how to do this. I don't want to go with what everyone says - "it's time to move on" and stuff.
I mean, it IS. But I don't want to say that :p
I guess I'll just end off.

Aurevoir :)

Giveaway Results

Sorry about the delay, my sister and I went to visit our granddad.

Anyway, here are the results! 
Do remember - I used a random number generator to pick the winners.

 mikedop1337 wins...
The items have been sent.

sirhandsomelol wins...
Please make a new account and EMAIL me the username and password. I will transfer the items onto it.

littlearticpaw1 wins...
Please make a new account and EMAIL me the username and password. I will transfer the items onto it.

bunny1432 wins...
The items have been sent.

Mldriver wins...
 The items have been sent.

Sweetpanda56789 wins...
Please make a new account and EMAIL me the username and password. I will transfer the items onto it.

cyacheer wins...
The items have been sent.

TheSupremeOverLord wins...
 The items have been sent.

arcticpenguin5858 wins...
Please make a new account and EMAIL me the username and password. I will transfer the items onto it.

Those are the main winners!
These people will also receive something...

CleverQueen, nafaria9, everett19912, kiki51772, Monotaire, scree53

Jammer66451, Thepurpleskyz, hiamillion, Pumaa, Lpiggy, batmanthehero7

Those are only separated so - non-members, please read below and members I've sent the stuff over.

The people who did not win any of the "main" prizes will most likely be sent stuff from a side account of mine - so don't be surprised if the stuff is from someone apparently random ;)

If you are a non-member who should receive something, please EMAIL me the username and password of a SPARE account, to this email address:

If for some reason my computer glitched and you did not receive all the items (which can only happen to members via the Jam-A-Grams) which you were supposed to, then please comment or email me with proof and I'll give them to you ^.^

If you didn't win anything, and there's some random item you want, comment your username and what it is, and I'll see IF I have it :3

Reminder: if you do that, and are a member, I'll send the item to you (if I have it). If you're a non-member, read above ^

Friday, 31 January 2014

Giveaway Results Postponed

Hi guys, it's RockyTop2 here. 
Kinyonga wanted me to post saying that she will be gone for about 3-6 days.  (Although, it's probably a shorter time now.)  So she will post the giveaway results when she gets back! :) 
Aaaand, that's about it.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Well, I guess there's no point holding it off any longer.
I'm quitting Animal Jam.

Wouldn't it have been nice to have a dramatic ending? :3
I was considering several...

"This is it."
"Bye, my name is _____ _______ and I live in _____."

But I felt the first two were too unexplanetory, and the second...well, I'm still not allowed to reveal my name *sigh*

Anyway, to get to the point.
I'm quitting Animal Jam for several reasons.

It's too membery. When was the last non-member item? 20 days ago.
No thank you.
Also, too many scammers and hackers. There's still that invincible hacker on the loose.
Of course, I emailed AJ HQ about them but they just brushed it aside, saying there's no way to hack someone in Animal Jam unless you know their password or email.
Then there's the rares. Even if I do like collecting them, what's the point now?
At any moment, they could all get taken.
And everyone's just harping on about them.
I did consider quitting and returning in 6 months or so.
But it just makes me annoyed to see people wandering everywhere with all these rares.
I'm not jealous, oh no.
I've got my own (which, for the matter of fact, I'll be handing out - but we'll come to that in a moment).
Of course, I have my friends. Being a homeschooler, I'm pretty close to my internet friends, as I don't see many people my age in real life.
But all my internet friends - my really good ones, anyway - are either on other sites or communicate with me via email.
But it's funny to see that 27 people have deleted me from their buddy list, simply because I didn't log on for about a week.
I won't be deleting my other blogs. For that matter, I won't be deleting this one either.
I'll be absent on this, but not the others.

If you want to, you can join the latter three and post on them.
My Archives blog and Jammer Art blog will still be kept up, but I won't post on them or anything anymore.

You can still contact me at my email, which I check at least once a day.
I'm also on Howrse, where my username is Treacle.

Now, probably what you've all skipped down to.
Yes, I'm evidently going to be giving away my items.
My special ones will go to my friends, but for the others I'll do a giveaway.

There will be 9 main heaps of items, plus my gems and a few in-store, Rare Monday and non-rare items.
The blithering hacker took most of my good stuff, however, so there's nothing super-fantastic left. 
Scroll down to see the Leaving Giveaway post with more information.

Last notes:

My contest is still going, to those who can enter round 2, and will end as planned on the 1st February.

Thank you SO much EVERYONE who viewed my blog!
A big thank you to RockyTop2 who's been posting so loyally for me recently <3 br="">

 Keep in touch!


Leaving Giveaway

Here're the "9 main heaps".

9 lots of 6 items. If you're extraordinarily lucky, you could win 'em all.
You may not win any. You may win 1. Or 5. Or whatever.
Anyway, to have a chance to get any of the above, comment this form:

Username on Animal Jam:
Member or Non:
Reason you want to Win:
For the number, the first person to comment would put "1". Second would put "2", tenth would put "10" etc.

I will use a random number generator to pick each winner.
Absolutely no un-sporting comments if you don't win anything.
You can only fill out the form once.

The winners will be announced on the 9th February.
If a non-member wins something, then you'll please make a new account and EMAIL me the username and password - I'll transfer your winnings onto there, and you can transfer them from there onto your main account.

Good luck!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Rare Leg Armor

Hallo Jammers! 
Today's rare is the Rare Leg Armor!
The brown could stand to be a little more...not brown?  But this is definitely one of the better rares we've had.  On AJR I like to rate the rares.  But here I'll just give it an overall score of 8/10!  Would you give it a lower, higher, or the same score as I did?

Today's animal is a type of antelope: The Impala!  If you got it right, go eat a cookie or something because I'm too lazy to type all the names. xD  
1. They live: Eastern and Southern Africa 
2. Diet:  They graze on grass (during wet seasons) and eat foliage, shoots, and seeds (during dry seasons.)
3. Their predators are:  leopards, cheetahs, lions, and wild dogs
4. Can leap distances of 10 meters to escape predators
5. Males are known for their long, graceful horns that they use when fighting with other males
6. They'll often graze in herds where an impala will alert the others if a predator is spotted

Now for tomorrow's.  And here's a hint: They're a wild breed.
L8ter G8ters!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pet Ice Rink

Hola Jammers!  
Hip hip hooray, AJ's made a nice item today!  (Sorry, am in a rhyming mood at the moment.)
Yep, it's interactive and the flags flutter in the non-existent wind!  It'd be cool if you could change the color of the penguin's helmets though?  Eh, I'm being too picky.

Ok, I know yesterday's picture was kind hard to tell, but cloudclaws, Aubrey, warwolf3, yeoh123, and xavier83 all guessed correctly!  It was an ermine (stoat in summer).
1. They live: North America, Europe, Asia, Greenland
2. They eat: voles, hamsters, shrews, etc.
3. Its predators are: Coyotes, Foxes, Wolverines, and Owls
4. They have a lifespan of only about 1-2 years.
5. They reach adulthood in just a couple of months and are then ready to mate.
6.  They grow in a brownish coat once the snow melts (camouflage change! :D)

Now for tomorrow's.

Things you could do when you're bored:
1. Check out Thy Photos.
2. Check out Kin's photos at My Photography.
3. Jump off a mountain
(I only recommend the first two.)


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Snow Trail Shoes

Hey Jammers!  
Today in the Hot Cocoa Hut, Snow Trail Shoes have come to stores!
They look more like house slippers than winter trail hiking shoes.  Look at the little handle like things. o.o  Must be to keep your foot (excuse me, paw) from coming off the shoe! :D  My fox is modeling these for you.
Have you guys ever bought an item and recycled it 2 seconds later?

Now for the animal facts.  You guys all got the answer wrong.  It was an elephant.  Kidding, kidding!  Twas a caracal.
1. Their name comes from a Turkish word that means "Black Ear"
2. Caracals are often called "Desert Lynx."
3.They live in Central and South Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Mid-East
4. They eat rodents, hares, and small antelopes
5. They live a solitary life, except when mating 
6. They have longer back legs than front legs. :D

Now for tomorrow's animal.  This might be kinda easy.  Idk.

Goodbye peoples!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Hockey Sticks

Ello Jammers! 
 New in stores today are the..
Hockey sticks! :3  These items are really getting tiring.  Seriously, I wasn't surprised at ALL when I saw the new item.  It's like "Yep, another one of those useless den thing-a-ma-bobs."  I really hope I'm not offending anyone who loves these items.  Oh well, I probably already have. XD

Now for the animal facts.  The animal was....a Mandarin Duck!  It is indeed under the category of "Perching Ducks" and is closely related to the Wood Duck.
Here it is. :3
1. Is native to: Russia, China, Japan
 2. Eats: Plants, seeds, and snails
3. Its predators include: mink, otters, eagle-owls and grass snakes 
4. The females are grayish brown while the males have a variety of colors. (In order to attract a mate.)
4. Once a mother's eggs hatch, she will fly to the ground and coax the ducklings to follow her.
5. Pairs of mandarin ducks generally stay together their whole life, instead of finding a new mate.

Now, here is tomorrow's animal.  Guesses, anyone?